About Us

We work hard and built new solutions to every day problems.

It’s about crafting software and websites that communicate effectively. Our mission is to build outstanding software or website design for all Internet users - regardless of the device they’re using. Talk to us about how our innovative services in responsive web design & mobile applications can help your business.

Inter GraphicZONE has more than 10 years of experience in converging application developments and high quality web designs, ensuring a balance between innovation and amazing designs. We strive to take your ideas and bring them to their maximum potential.

Our offices are strategically located in Hamilton, Canada, a country known worldwide not only for its beauty but also for being a driver of innovation.

Company Legal Name: INTER GRAPHIC ZONE A&G
Company Number (BN): 772256285

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“ Achieve amazing results combining art, technology and marketing. We are your reliable source to create customized and high quality technology solutions”

Our Values:

Passion: Is the ingredient that makes the difference allowing us to think about extraordinary goals.

Family: Aware that we spend many working hours together; being united with the common objective to create value for our customers and community.

Honesty: Love for the truth in all that we do.

Faith: We have a firm belief in what is not seen, we have faith in our colleagues, providers and clients; together we will reach impressive outcomes.

Wow: Is that expression making our mouth fall open spontaneously, the expression we want to see in each project.